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Unformatted text preview: Today’s Objectives Today’s Chapters 20, 21, and 24 – Functional Assessment The goal of a functional assessment Methods of functional assessment Possible maintaining variables Any questions? After determining the target behavior behavior One of the things that makes B-Mod One different is that we are often concerned with the function of the behavior, in addition to the topography (what it looks like). the Functional Assessment Functional After measuring the target behavior Determining the Determining – antecedents (prior to behavior) and – – consequences (after the behavior , presumed to consequences be responsible for the future behavior) for the behavior behavior Goal: Determine the function of the target Goal: function behavior Methods of Functional Assessment Assessment Indirect Assessment (Questionnaires) Direct Observation Experimental Functional Analysis – Sometimes not feasible – Sometimes unethical Possible maintaining variables Possible Attention (social reinforcement) Self-stimulation Non-social external environment Escape from demands REMEMBER: The goal of functional assessment is The determining what is maintaining the behavior before designing a treatment behavior Wrap-up Wrap-up Questions/thoughts/comments? Next time: Chapter 30 ...
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