Week 1 -Class notes - Jan 6 and 8

Week 1 -Class notes - Jan 6 and 8 - quietness because a...

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Behavior Modification – Jan 6, 2008 – Class notes – Week 1 Non-contingent reinforcement / Enriched Enviornment o Concept of providing re-inforcers “ not contingent” on a specific behavior, but rather making the environment more pleasant. o Ex: Coming to class and Prof gives us candy, has us watch you tube and get on facebook every class, just to make the atmosphere more pleasant. If something really is a reinforcer activity will increase, if it is punishment activity will decrease. What happens if we vary the reinforcement? How would we know if behavior changed? o We would know by comparing frequency. DEFINING BEHAVIOR BEHAVIOR: A muscular Glandular, or electrical activity. DEAD MAN’S RULE: If a dead man can do it, then it is not behavior. o Ex: If I reinforce my son for talking too much by reinforcing (reward is synonymous in this case) her when she is quiet. She is really punishing talking and not reinforcing
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Unformatted text preview: quietness because a dead man can’t talk there for, not talking is NOT a behavior. o We flip it THOUGHTS • They are harder to observe • Called “Covert” behaviors but are subject to the same learning principles. BEHAVIOR MOD PREFERS • Objective, specific, measurable behavior • Labels are not helpful – not casual • Behavior deficits and excesses o “What does the client need to be doing more of , or less of? Ex: Crying • Label = Clinical Depression o This doesn’t say anything about cause or how to treat it • Behavioral views develop as a reaction to psychoanalytic (unconscious) approaches • Watson’s Claim o Give me a dozen healthy infants… and I can train them to be anything. o Case Study: Little Albert (boy and white mouse) • Behavioral psychology came to show that psychoanalytic (unconscious, sexual, aggression and urges) was not correct....
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Week 1 -Class notes - Jan 6 and 8 - quietness because a...

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