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Unformatted text preview: Today’s Objectives Today’s Any questions? Chapter 5: Extinction – What is it? – Pitfalls of extinction – Enhancing the effectiveness – The Burst – Classic research examples Questions/Thoughts/Comments? Extinction Extinction Another way to decrease the frequency of a Another behavior Extinction occurs when we stop reinforcing Extinction a response, which decreases the response frequency frequency – Can also do extinction for a punishment Can contingency (would increase the frequency of the response) the Extinction is NOT the same as punishment Pitfalls/Warnings about Extinction Pitfalls/Warnings Everyone in the environment must be on Everyone board board – If reinforce/punish intermittently, you have If strengthened the behavior strengthened – Can also shape up more severe behaviors Cascade of escape behaviors The reinforcers/punishers you withhold The should be the ones maintaining the behavior should – Example: Example: Enhancing the effectiveness of extinction extinction Choose you extinction location wisely Tell the person about the extinction Tell procedure procedure But stick to your guns! Reinforce a prosocial behavior with the Reinforce maintaining reinforcer maintaining Make sure you don’t extinguish appropriate Make behavior by only attending to the bad behavior Continuous reinforcement schedules versus Continuous Pitfalls/Warnings about Extinction Pitfalls/Warnings Beware of the “Burst” – Extinction burst: A temporary increase in the frequency Extinction of the behavior (worse before better) of – Sniffy example – Vending machine example (losing money) Behavior will often change/escalate Aggressive/destructive behavior may follow DO NOT REINFORCE IF ANY OF THESE DO HAPPEN!! WHY? HAPPEN!! – Example: Nursing hone (next slide) A classic research example classic Michael (1959) Psychotic patient wandering into nurse’s Psychotic station for attention station Wrap-up Wrap-up Questions/thoughts/comments? Next Time: Chapter 6 and Lovaas article ...
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