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Unformatted text preview: Today’s Objectives Today’s Any questions? Remember: Chapter 17 and Reserve Article (Sundberg & Remember: Michael) Michael) Chapters 8: Stimulus control Behavior occurring at the right time ABC Model of analysis Discriminative Stimulus S-delta Examples Pigeon Discrimination study Stimulus Generalization Misuses of stimulus control Questions/Thoughts/Comments? Stimulus control Stimulus Needed so behavior occurs at the right Needed frequency in the right settings and place frequency So far, only looked at the behavior and So consequences consequences Stimulus control relates to the Stimulus antecedents( stimuli that comes b4) antecedents( A(tecedents)B(ehavior)C(onsquences Model A(tecedents)B(ehavior)C(onsquences of analysis of Everyday examples Swearing w/ brother vs. mother The degree of correlation between a stimulus The and a response and Stimulus discrimination training: Procedure of Stimulus Stimulus controlSD S in the presence of an reinforcing a response timulus reinforcing and extinguishing that response in the presence of the S∆ presence SD: Discriminative Stimulus: A stimulus in the Discriminative presence of which a particular response will be reinforced or punished reinforced What is stimulus discrimination training training And what does it mean for us to have stimulus And control? control? Good stimulus control means that we Good discriminate which stimuli will result in what consequences and which stimuli will not result in the consequences in Also called Stimulus Discrimination examples examples Me as an example Sydney SD for raising ones hand S∆ is stranger onstreet Tara is an SD for saying “I wish I had some chocolate chocolate Her mom = S∆ Vending Machine Lit button is SD Out of order sign or unlit button is S∆ Points of Clarification Points The S∆ condition for a reinforcement SD is not the punishment contingency – it is the absence of the reinforcer of For every SD there must be an S∆ Can have SD for punishment as well – the S∆ condition is the absence of punishment condition Before: you ar enot burned SD boiling fluid Behavior grab pot handle After you are burned S∆ - no boiling fliud After – not burned Before: no speeding ticket S: site of police car Behavior: you speed After u have speeding ticket S∆ - red car in front og you After – no ticket Before no verbal reprimand SD – G-ma in room Behavior – call sibling name After – reprimand by gma S∆ - friend in room laughs After – no verbal reprimand Stimulus control Stimulus One stimulus can be both an SD and an S∆ at the same time the Stimulus:”Pass the butter” is an SD for Stimulus:”Pass passing the butter and an S∆ for passing passing the massed potatoes the Pigeon Discrimination Training study Trained pigeons to peck paintings by Monet Trained (SD)but not those by picasso (S∆ )…. (SD)but How did they do that, do u think? Misuse Misuse Accidently train people to only respond to Accidently some stimuli some Parenting example “can you please pick up your toys?” S∆ for punishment Repeated a few times - S∆ for punishment “I need you to pick up your toys - S∆ for punishment “Are you every going to pick up your toys?” - S∆ for punishment punishment PICK UP YOUR FREAKING TOYS Now, before I PICK poke u with a pencil ( SD for punishment) poke Just like we have stimulus discrimination… discrimination… We also have stimulus generalization… A behavior becomes more probable in the presence behavior of one stimulus or situation as a result of being reinforced/punished in the presences of another stimulus stimulus Stimulus generalization Stimulus Stimulus generalization gradient Gradient of responding showing a decrease in the Gradient stimulus control as the test stimulus becomes less similar to the training stimulus similar (the more similar a stimulus is to the trained (the stimulus..the less stimulus control) ? Stimulus equivalence classes Physically dissimilar stimuli control the same response Stimulus Generalization Rate of Response 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 540 550 560 570 580 590 600 610 Wavelength Generalization Gradient: a graphic description of the strength of responding in the presence of stimuli that are similar to the SD and vary along a continuum. 620 SO stimullus generalization is dort of the SO opposite of stimulus discrimination opposite With stimulus discrimination the stimuli that are With controlling the behavior os gradually being narrowed With stimulus generalization, the stimuli that are With controlling the behavior is gradually being widened widened The more similar the stimuli the easier the generaliation Misuses of stimulus control Misuses Accidentally train people to only respond to some Accidentally stimuli stimuli Wrap-up Wrap-up Questions/thoughts/comments? Next Time: Chapter 17 and Reserve article ...
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