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Mov 470 Ch 7 Environmental Factors

Increased cardiac output mainly attributed to higher

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Unformatted text preview: y trying to get rid of Co2 Chronic exposure results in increased cardiac output mainly attributed to higher HR Exercise Performance Progressive reduction in VO2max with increasing altitude (580-8848m) For every 1000m incline.. Vo2max is decreased 5% The greatest reduction usually occurs during the first few days of altitude exposure (so go 3 days ahead b4 compete) Stages of physiological adaptation that help improve tissue oxygen delivery: – Acute (first 72 hrs) – Subacute (10-11days) – Chronic (2 weeks) Absolute exercise levels should be reduced 5-10% for each 1000m ascent above sea level if training to maintain the same relative intensity Altitude & Special Pops. Individuals with CVD need to recognize their limitations and adjust accordingly (or asthma) Persons with asymtomatic CVD can safely visit moderate altitudes Should ascend altitude more slowly and limit activity to below symptom-limiting intensities Atmospheric Pollutants Very little research with regards to most air pollutants except for carbon monoxide (CO) In healthy individuals, CO does not alter submaximal response and slightly reduces maximal exercise performance CO binds with hemoglobin and impairs oxygen transport Special Populations Only CO has been directly evaluated during exercise in CHD patients Placed at increased risk of additional coronary events if levels of CO in the inspired air are capable of causing a rise in CO in the blood 1.5-2.0% Summary To date, few studies have assessed the effects of any of these stressors on individuals with specific CHD or respiratory disorders The added risks of combining different stressors for healthy individuals produces life-threatening situation so the risks to those with disorders seems obvious...
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