Broken Glass Review

Broken Glass Review - Brittanie Langford October 17, 2010...

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Brittanie Langford October 17, 2010 World of the Play Broken Glass: Review From the opening scene, to the culmination of the story of Phillip and Sylvia Gellburg, I was held captive. Broken Glass, a play written by Arthur Miller, is a tale focused on a Jewish couple living in New York during the time of the Kristallnacht. The night of the broken glass is where the title of the play is derived from and is what Kristallnacht is known as. It was an amazing production, one that I’ll never forget. Sylvia Gellburg, played by Lucy Cohu, is afflicted with paralysis in her legs. While everyone surrounding her is hoping to find out what is wrong with her; Sylvia is questioning what is wrong with the world. Hitler has unleashed terror upon the Jews, relations with Jews in America are at a low, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. To top it off Sylvia is also dealing with the deteriorating relationship between herself and her husband, whose difficulties as an individual have only grown stronger since their marriage began. At the time we enter their story, no one can stand to be around him. Throughout the story Sylvia’s doctor, Dr. Harry Hyman (Nigel Lindsay), delves into the dynamics of their relationship and reveals many things about them along the way. Immediately in the first scene we are introduced to Dr. Hyman and Phillip. They are
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Broken Glass Review - Brittanie Langford October 17, 2010...

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