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Travel Writing Exercise - Brittanie Langford Writing...

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Brittanie Langford Writing Exercise #1 Travel Writing Brian Ridgers 28-09-2010 “Hey darling, let’s go catch a play tonight.” “Where at?” “The Globe.” “Alright, let’s go.” This is what I imagine the exchange between the couple standing in front of me at the theatre would have been like. In all of the action involved in The Merry Wives of Windsor at the infamous Globe Theatre, these were two of the few people who stood out significantly to me. The intricacy of their connection was undeniable. Arm around neck, hand slipped across back, him in front or him behind, pinkies intertwined; no matter how they arranged themselves, they never let go of each other. This display of affection led me to the believing that there is a home base with travel writing that lies in personal experience. ‘People watching’ requires immersing yourself in your environment; I thought there was no better way to do that than relating what I saw to my personal life. There were many things that I could have touched upon about my theatre experience but this couple at The Globe was significant because it immediately reminded me of being home on a date. Culturally there may be a difference, as I don’t believe going to the theatre in America is as commonplace as going to the movies but there’s something very significant about being aware of a relationship while watching a comedy about relationships (or lack thereof) playing out in front of you.
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Travel Writing Exercise - Brittanie Langford Writing...

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