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Comare & Contrast (Gilgamesh and Sunjata)

Comare & Contrast (Gilgamesh and Sunjata) - Brittanie...

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Brittanie Langford February 10, 2009 Mosaics: Sec . 017 Essay 1: Compare & Contrast Conquering Fear & Rescuing the Mind The stories of the heroes Gilgamesh and Sunjata are stories that have been passed down through many generations . By definition, these epics began as narratives told or sung from person to person until they reached far and wide . They embody characteristics of an epic being that their heroes are flawed in some way; they began in an oratory fashion and were later written . Their hero’s possess superhuman strength and abilities, and their heroes embark on a journey that leads to some understanding of their situation . With that said I believe that The Epic of Gilgamesh and Sunjata are similar in the fact that they both share the common themes and have parallels between events in both stories; they are also portrayed in an epic fashion . They contrast in the way the themes are presented in each story . The epics are alike in that the heroes have to overcome many obstacles thrown at them . They also posses some of the same themes such as courage, envy, and fear . There are also significant parallels in each story . In both stories there is a battle against a creature which shows how both epics possess the theme of courage .
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