centrifugation lab - Cell Fractionation Background Studies...

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Cell Fractionation Background Studies of the properties of specific subcellular organelles requires that the organelles be separated from the cells, purified and concentrated. In this laboratory exercise cellular organelles will be separated by differential centrifugation. During centrifugation, objects move in a circle at a steady angular velocity and are subjected to an outward directed force, 'F'. The magnitude of this force is given by the formula F = (02r where '(0' is the angular velocity in radians per second and 'r' is the radial distance, in centimeters, of the particle from the axis of rotation. A 'radian' (rad) is an arc whose length is equal to its radius. Therefore the circumference of any circle contains 21t radians. Force applied to particles is expressed as 'Relative Centrifugal Force' (RCF) since the force applied is compared to the earth's gravitational force. RCF = centrifugal force = gravitational force (02r __ 980 cm/see/sec The operating speed of a centrifuge is usually expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm). These values can be converted into RCF by first converting rpm to '(0' and then to RCF. (0 = 21t x n revolutions x 1 min 1 revolution 1 minute 60 sec where 'n' = number of rpm 1t = 22 7 = 0.105 n / sec Then, RCF= (02r __ 980
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centrifugation lab - Cell Fractionation Background Studies...

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