keyconcepts,5-8 - C HAPTER 5 KEY CONCEPTS Chapter 5:...

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CHAPTER 5 KEY CONCEPTS Chapter 5: Anxiety Disorders Names of Disorders Key features Panic Disorder Panic attacks, agoraphobia Specific Phobia unreasonable, marked fear Social Phobia fear of social or performance situations Generalized Anxiety Disorder excessive worry over many things “worrywarts” Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder obsession and/or compulsions Acute Stress Disorder distress within a month of trauma Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder distress & avoidance related to trauma Symptoms to Know: Agoraphobia (conditioned fear of having a panic attack) Compulsion (action to reduce anxiety, such as hand washing, counting) Obsession (persistent and intrusive idea, thought impulse or image) Panic attack (intense fear or discomfort with numerous symptoms. Treatment Concepts:
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Biological: anti-anxiety medication (benzodiazepines) bind to GABA neurons to inhibit panic attacks; Anafranil reduces obsessions; Behavioral: Flooding (total immersion in anxiety), relaxation training (muscle tensing and relaxing), Cognitive: thought stopping (client learns to stop anxiety-provoking thoughts) Biopsychosocial Perspective: Biological predisposition to anxiety coupled with environmental events contribute to the development of anxiety disorders. Behavior based treatments are helpful. Medication is helpful to enhance behavioral therapy.
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keyconcepts,5-8 - C HAPTER 5 KEY CONCEPTS Chapter 5:...

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