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cranial nerve man - Strictly Clinical Strictly Facing...

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November 2006 American Nurse Today 21 M ANY YEARS AGO when I was in nursing school, I learned a saying that was supposed to help me re- call the cranial nerves. You’ve probably heard it: On Old Olym- pus Towering Tops A Finn and German Viewed Some Hops . It didn’t make much sense to me, and it didn’t help me remember the cranial nerves. A few years ago, a colleague taught me a much easier way to remember the cranial nerves and their locations—by drawing a face and using numbers as the facial features. Each number represents one of the 12 cranial nerves, and the placement of the numbers represents the location of or an associa- tion with them. (See Cranial nerves by the numbers. ) Olfactory nerve (CN I) Located in the nose , cranial nerve (CN) I controls the sense of smell. This nerve isn’t frequently tested, even by neurologists. However, suspect an abnor- mality in a neurologic patient who has a poor ap- petite. To assess the nerve, use soap and coffee—both are easy to find on a unit. Or take a trip to the kitchen for cloves and vanilla. Don’t use a substance with a harsh odor, such as ammonia, because it will stimulate the intranasal pain endings of CN V. Have the patient close both eyes, close one nos- tril, and gently inhale to smell the scent. Remember to do both nostrils. Optic nerve (CN II) Located in and behind the eyes , CN II controls cen- tral and peripheral vision.
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cranial nerve man - Strictly Clinical Strictly Facing...

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