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COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT PROPOSAL NHL - PLAYERS I) Background Summarize the important issues currently facing your league. Find the Noll-Scully ratio for your league and explain what the ratio represents. II) Propose a Collective Bargaining Agreement. You need only address rules and policies which affect competitive balance. (That is, you don’t need to address grievance procedures and other areas normally covered in a Collective Bargaining Agreement.) Some of the possibilities are listed below. You should be able to discuss the effects of your proposals on competitive balance, payrolls, wages profits and other applicable areas. a) How will revenues be divided between players and owners? b) Salaries: Are there any upper restrictions on salaries? Is there a salary cap or a luxury tax? Are there maximum salary restrictions based on the length of service or age? Are there any lower restrictions on salaries? Are there minimum salaries or is there any type of reserve system?
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