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Unformatted text preview: Portfolio Assignment #8: Russia & its Neighbors 1 This assignment consists of six parts six parts : 1) Putting 15 countries 15 countries on the map, Portfolio assignment #8: Russia & its neighbors 2) Mapping major physiographic features major physiographic features and cities cities , 3) Mapping climatic regions climatic regions of Russia and its neighbors, 4) Outlining the zones of natural landscapes zones of natural landscapes , 1 5) Mapping the territorial expansion territorial expansion of the Russian/Soviet Empire since 1462, and 6) Mapping the major religions major religions in Russia and its neighbors. Using Fig 3.1 Fig 3.1 in your textbook ( p.80 p.80 ), Portfolio assignment #8: Russia part 1 the maps on pp.206 maps on pp.206-207 207 and pp.174 pp.174-175 175 in your atlas , and Map 3.1 Map 3.1 in your mapping workbook ( p.32 p.32 ) or the blank map provided on the next slide, 2 put the 15 countries put the 15 countries listed on the next slide on on the map the map . Portfolio Assignment #8: Russia & its Neighbors...
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