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s_Russia_2_people_11 [Compatibility Mode] - Russia& its...

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Unformatted text preview: Russia & its neighbors 1 The Russian Federation The Russian Federation Human geographies Human geographies 1 The rise & fall of the Russian Empire The “ modernization ” of Russia Glasnost and perestroiyka Transition to a free market economy Human geography of Russia: Key issues 2 Population and its change Culture of Russia Major challenges Territorial growth of the Russian Empire • Study Fig 3.19 Fig 3.19 on p.123 in your textbook textbook 3 Russian settlements in North America 4 Fort Ross = an early 19 th century outpost of the Russian-American Company in CA Russian explorers made Russian explorers made it as far south as CA… it as far south as CA… By 1904, the Russian Empire contained: ~ _____ million people > _____ distinct ethnic groups Russian Russian 56 million (33%) 56 million (33%) 5 Ukrainian 23 million Belorussian 6 million Kazakh/Kyrgyz > 4 million Jews 4 million Uzbek 3 million Other 160 plus ~ 34 million • 1697 1697 = " Grand Embassy Grand Embassy “ = traveled to several European countries • " Westernization Westernization “ = modernize Russia after the European model Peter the Great (r. 1682-1725) & the “modernization” of Russia 6 • 1703 1703 = founded St. Petersburg St. Petersburg ; made it the Russian Capital in 1712 “Window on “Window on Europe” Europe” • Built a strong navy strong navy & expanded to Baltic Baltic Sea, Black Sea, & Pacific Ocean...
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s_Russia_2_people_11 [Compatibility Mode] - Russia& its...

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