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Intro to world regions 1 1 Introduction to World Regions 2 Learning objectives 1) What is regionalization ? 2) Why does the geographer use region? 3) What is a uniform/formal region? What is a functional region? 4) What criteria are used in defining regions? 5) Put the major world regions on the map 3 Regionalization = __________ individual countries/areas ___________ How many countries are there in the world? 4 1) To _________ the world 2) To _________ the world Why do geographers use regions? Two types of region 1) Uniform (formal) regions 2) Functional (nodal) regions 5 Uniform (formal) regions Defined by _________ /_________ i.e. groups of area units having a high degree of ___________ in terms of certain criteria (e.g. climate, religious adherence, income)
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s5_world_regions_intro1 [Compatibility Mode] - Intro to...

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