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persuasive letter - For our fund raiser we need to raise...

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March 16, 2009 Carmelo Jones Footlocker 66634 Terrell Dr Denver, CO Dear Mr. Jones This is Garrett Johnson of Champs Sports clothing store. I was wonder if your store Footlocker could help us raise money. We’re having a fund raiser to help us order more shoes for our customers. Our store is also being affected by the global recession and we need your help. Our customers love our store and the low prices that we have and we would like to keep our customers happy. It is important that we have your help. Again, our customers love our store and our store gives them a variety of things to buy. We sell Shoes for man and women, clothes, and accessories. Our store is the only sports store that gives customers that kind of variety. People need this store because it offers everything. When you come to Champs Sports you don’t have to make another stop anywhere else for your sports merchandise. We need your stores help because your shoe store is number one on the market and you have the money to help us.
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Unformatted text preview: For our fund raiser we need to raise five thousand dollars to help pay our debts. We plan on have this fund raiser April 16. That gives both of our companies time to get ready for this and plan what we need to do. If you help us, in return we will help you. By you helping us our customers will see the great deed your company is doing and buy from your store out of generosity. Both franchises working together would bring in more customers along with more money. The reason for that is because our customers would buy from each others store which means more money for both franchises. Champs Sports would appreciate your help at footlocker. We asked for your help because we think youre a stand up franchise that shows integrity. We love what you do over there at footlocker and wish you the best of luck for the future. We wonder love for your franchise to help us but also understand if you dont. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Garrett Johnson Champs Sports...
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