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AnalysisAssignment - “Analyze That” Analysis We have...

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Unformatted text preview: “Analyze That” Analysis We have completed gathering and processes our statistical data and it is very important that we as the researchers interpret and expound our findings and make thesis statements to be presented to our various target markets. I want each of you, even those whose data is not comprised in the findings to answer the following questions. Your answers where necessary need to be well thought out meaning that all points made need to be supported by the data and not just your opinion. When a question calls for your opinion you should base your opinion upon an aspect of the data.- Summarize the theme and the overall message of each song used in this research in one sentence per song.- If you refer to the excel spreadsheet that captures our findings you can see that three of the four paradigms with the highest levels of content are relationships, self respect and materialism. If you look at our working definitions, we agree that some left room for the individual researcher to...
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