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Product Development Guidelines - PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT...

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PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT – OPERATIONS PLAN Your group has developed in innovative product that will take the marketplace by storm. To prepare for the demand, which will rival the Snuggie, iPhone4, Chia Pet, and Shake Weight, your group must prepare an operations plan. The plan must address/include the following: 1. What is the strategy of the company? (Chp 2) 2. What economic, political, environmental, or social issues are important to the launch of your product? 3. What variations of the product will you produce now? In the future? Is the product made-to-order/ made-to-stock/ of some variation between? 4. What is your timeline for getting the product to the market (on the shelf/ online)? (Chp 17) 5. What is your forecast for the product? (Chp 3) 6. Where will you locate the facility? (Chp. 8) 7. What type of measures will you use to ensure the product quality? (Chp. 9) 8. What industry awards do you aspire to earn? (Awards/accolades cannot be listed in Chp 9) 9. What raw materials, parts, and subassemblies will you need? What country/state/city is best suited to provide the supplies? (Chp 11)
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Product Development Guidelines - PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT...

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