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Proj Mgmt HW - 12-B Select site and do site survey 9-C...

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Shriner’s Children Hospital has decided to relocate to Jacksonville, FL. The move to Jacksonville will involve constructing a new hospital and making it operational. Juanita Kelly, executive director of the board of Shriner’s, must prepare for a hearing, scheduled for next week, on the proposed project. The hearing will address the specifics of the total project, including time and cost estimates for its completion. With the help of her team, Kramer has developed a work breakdown schedule consisting of 11 major project activities. The team has identified the immediate predecessors for each activity, as shown in the following table. Activity Description Estimated Time (weeks) Immediate Predecessor(s) A Select administrative and medical staff
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Unformatted text preview: 12-----B Select site and do site survey 9----C Select equipment 10 A D Prepare final construction plans and layout 10 B E Bring utilities to the site 24 B F Interview applicants and fill positions in nursing, support staff, maintenance, and security 10 A G Purchase and take delivery of equipment 35 C H Construct the hospital 40 D I Develop an information system 15 A J Install the equipment 4 E, G, H K Train nurses and support staff 6 F, I, J 1. Draw the network diagram (the first node is “start”, the last node is “end”) using MS Project. 2. Determine the critical path and expected duration time using MS Project. 3. Calculate the ES, EF, LS, and LF for each activity using MS Project....
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