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Libertarianism : a contemporary political theory that emphasizes many classical liberal views. In particualar that all people have the natural rights of life liberty and property. Great emphasis on private property. Government should be quite limited with the basic function of protecting our natural rights. They typically oppose laws that restrict wholly self regarding actions (like Mill). Typically opposed to laws that help people including all forms of welfare, including corporate welfare (not like Mill or Paine). Significant because libertarianism is in many respects much like classical liberalism. Emphasizes the importance of liberty and independence of the individual and the threat that government poses to our natural rights. One could argue that this doctrine could produce a highly individualistic society much like Walzer’s view. Similar in many ways to the current Tea Party movement. Catholic bishops Approved by the national conference of Bishops – Drafted in 1982 Oil crises, stagflation, high interest rates, and inflation were problems of the 70’s -Many Catholics didn’t like that they were so blatantly trying to influence economic policy Question #1 1. Economic systems and decisions should be judged by 3 standards: What they do for people, what they do to people, and how they let people participate in economic life. Morality and economics are connected The economy should serve the people. 2. Human dignity as a whole can be realized and protected only in communities– To the Catholic Bishops human dignity is granted by God. Human beings are sacred and social. Love our neighbor has an individual meaning but also applies to communities as a whole.
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phil330CatholicBishops - Libertarianism: a contemporary...

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