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Kirk - Written after the fall of China, Kirk is now dead Communism is the big threat to the United States, and the American way of life. 1. Ability – Actual qualities or skill sets, more or less things we can’t learn. He also means to include certain kinds of habits a combination of people who put forth effort but also have some kind of useful skill or attribute that makes you a productive member of society. There are socialist states that fail to award these abilities and skills. They do this, fail for two reasons: - They see men as interchangeable parts. These kinds of skills and abilities are not unique to one individual so people should not be rewarded. Everyone could do the same job no matter what skills they have. - False sense of justice. Middle Class does most of the work and thus, should get most of the wealth. All value comes from labor, quick association made is that the working class is the only source of labor. They all should be given the same awards Kirk says the problem of that is that it is false. The source of wealth is ability not labor. He is saying that we need to look at those in the working class who have ability. The statesman, economist, inventor, scientist etc. Most of these wealth
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Phil330KirkQuestions - Kirk - Written after the fall of...

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