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Walzer 2 nd essay –He is a democratic socialist 2 day 1. democratic socialism- they seek progressive more egalitarian society , and emphasize the importance of community and solidarity. Advocate the centralization of the economy. More communitarian, democratic, and egalitarian than modern liberals (in order for people to be truly free they are in need of some basic resources). They are more willing to redistribute resources to those who are more disadvantaged in society. Communitarian- everyone’s fate and lives are interconnected. marx says that is very unlikely to evolve into a socialist society because the capitalists will not let you and will desperately try to hold onto their resources. Revolution would be the only way. -However, you can find the seeds of progressive change in todays society. Modern liberalism contains the seeds of a democratic socialist society. It would not require a significant change in cultural or economic society. Ex: Waltzer is clear that there has always been a need for the recognition of the needs of the poor in this country. This view which goes back to classical liberalism has evolved into the modern Welfare state. Also, recognition of the worker as socially valuable individuals development of labor unions, etc. Equal Opportunity (the need to balance resources). The seeds are there for socialist change without revolution. 2. Two criticisms to those who want lassiez faire capitalism -These thinkers ignore the fact that Americans do not want a society where the state lets private owners do whatever they want and they do not provide anything for the collective goods. This remains a very tense argument (example: the healthcare debate and
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phil330Waltzer2 - Walzer 2nd essay He is a democratic...

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