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HIST 104 Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 14: 1. Ataturk: Turkish General, nationalist leader, and westernizing president (1938). Following World War I, Mustafa Kemal refused to acquiesce in a Turkey run by an occupational force that would only serve the interests of its former enemies. Led the resistance of invading forces and was proclaimed leader of the country when Turkey became independent of all Allied occupation in 1923. He is significant because he adamantly believed that in order for Turkey to remain independent of Western control, it would have to adopt certain western reforms that would affect all aspects of life including clothing, language, gender relations, and law codes. System was called Kamalism, had six important principles (look in notes). 2. Reza Shah: Iran’s ruler (1925-1941). Concentrated on uniting Persia by restoring public security, consolidating the various armies, and suppressing tribal rebels, communists, and other dissidents. Distanced Iran from Islam and the Arab world by recognizing that the pre-Islamic heritage of the country was important to his subjects. List of Reforms is on pg. 232. He is significant not only because of his reforms in Iran, but also because when WWII broke out he was unwilling to rule under military occupation from the British and Soviets that threatened to undo all of his work. He abdicated to his son Muhammad and went into exile where he died 3 years later. 3.
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Hist104FinalStudyGuide - HIST 104 Final Exam Study Guide...

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