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JOUR 201 Final Study Guide 08 w DQ

JOUR 201 Final Study Guide 08 w DQ - Study Guideand Daily...

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Study Guide and Daily Questions Chapter 1 Levels of Communication Elements of Mass Communication (Mass Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Interactive Communication) Specialty Advertising Evolution of the Media World Before Print Arrival of Print Electronic Networks Internet Understanding the Media World Seven Truths about the Media (know these) Chapter 2 Development of Media Business Big Media Major Players Media Economics Who Controls the Media Owners Advertisers Chapter 3 History of Media Effects Research Effects of the Media in Our Lives Message Effects Medium Effects Ownership Effects Audience Effects 8 Theories of Media and Society Media, Politics, and Society Chapter 4 Development of Books and Mass Communication Development of Printing Press - the PRINTING PRESS led to the standardization of language. Buying and Selling Books Books and Culture Future of Books – downloadable & possibly on electronic paper Chapter 5 - Magazines – Best Photos and Most in depth articles - the Saturday Evening Post was the first major magazine with a broad national circulation. - AARP is the largest circulation magazine Development of National Culture Early Magazines The Magazine Business Types of Magazines (can be found in notes) The Future of Magazines
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Chapter 6 - Yellow Journalism – era of sensational journalism, named after the popular Yellow Kid newspaper cartoons - The New York Times is the United State’s paper of record - USA Today is the paper with the largest circulation - Benjamin Franklin was a Newspaper man - the first newspaper to break a major story on their website was the Dallas Morning News - Most Newspapers are owned by large Corporations - Read about the Alternative Press - Why are Newspapers Shrinking? Inventing the Modern Press Colonial Publishing Penny Press Pulitzer/Hearst New York Battle The Newspaper Business Types News and Society Sources Advertisers Readers Newspaper Comparison Discussion Chapter 7 - Radio gets its audience ratings from a company called Arbitron.
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JOUR 201 Final Study Guide 08 w DQ - Study Guideand Daily...

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