HIST112keytermstest4 - Short Test #4 Key Terms : 1. Adolf...

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Unformatted text preview: Short Test #4 Key Terms : 1. Adolf Hitler- Nazi Party leader during World War II 2. Cash-and-Carry v. Lend- Lease - Cash and Carry was the assistance plan where countries would pay cash for war supplies and be responsible for carrying them home. With Lend Lease the US leased arms to the allies significantly increasing the USs involvement with WWII 3. Pearl Harbor- Dec 7, 1941. Japanese attack on US naval harbor in Hawaii. US declares war on Japan and soon after Germany declares war on the US. 4. Yalta- meeting of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at a Crimean resort to discuss the post war world. Stalin claimed large areas of eastern Europe for Soviet domination. Feb 4- 11 1945 5. Potsdam- last meeting of the major allied powers the conference took place outside of Berlin fro jul17- Aug2 1945. Stalin and brittish prime minister Atlee finalized plans discussed at Yalta. US and soviet union relations become uneasy 6. D-Day- June 6, 1944 when an allied amphibious assault landed on the Normandy coast and established a foothold in Europe. Lead to the liberation of France from German occupation. 7. Manhattan Project- Secret American Project during WWII to develop an atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer led the team of physicists in Los Alamos New Mexico 8. United Nations- organization of nations to maintain world peace. Established in 1945 and headquartered in new york. Four Freedoms Speech given by Roosevelt in 1941 stating that humans everywhere in the world ought to enjoy: the freedom of speech/expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear 9. Office of War Information (OWI)- Propaganda machine that was mainly anti-Japanese but tried not to spark the same racial tensions as in WWII 10. Office of Price Administration- Created in 1941 to control war time inflation and price fixing resulting from shortages of many consumer goods the OPA imposed wage and price freezes and administered a rationing system. 11. Double-V campaign- African American community in the US wanting victory over fascism abroad and victory of discrimination at home....
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HIST112keytermstest4 - Short Test #4 Key Terms : 1. Adolf...

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