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HIST112MidtermStudyGuide - MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE PART 1 Platt...

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MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE PART 1 Platt Amendment Who: President Mckinley What: Amendment to the Cuban constitution that reserved the US right to intervene in Cuban affairs and forced newly independent Cuba to host American naval bases on the island. When:March 2 1901 Where: Cuba Why: to define the terms of relations with Cuba following the Spanish American war Spanish American War Who: America and Spain What: Armed military conflict between the US and Spain When: April-August 1898 Where: The Philippines and Cuba Why: issues over the liberation of Cuba, revolution in Havana that prompted the US to send the USS Maine towards Cuba that was later destroyed. Yellow Journalism played a large part in convincing the American people that Spain had destroyed the ship and created public uprising in the US. Yellow Journalism Who: circulation war between Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolf Hearst What: type of journalism that downplays legitamate news in favor of eye catching headlines, in an effort to sell more newspapers. When: 1890’s – in 1898 the papers accounts of the events in Havana Harbor led directly to the Spanish American War. Where: New York Why: Sell more newspapers Philippine American War Who: Philippines and the US What: Armed military conflict between the Philippines and the US When: June 2, 1899-July 4,1902 Where: The Philippines Why: continuation of the Philippine struggle for independence following the Spanish-American War Roosevelt Corollary Who: Theodore Roosevelt What: Extension of the Monroe Doctrine that said the US could intervene militarily to prevent interference from European powers in the Western Hemisphere When: 1904 Where: later was used to justify intervention in Haiti, Nicaragua and Cuba. Why: Germany’s Agressiveness in the Venezuela affair of 1902-1903
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Dollar Diplomacy Who: William Howard Taft, What: term used to describe his effort to further the US’s foreign policy aims in Latin America and East Asia through the use of its economic power by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries When: 1909-1913 Where: Why: Moral Imperialism
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HIST112MidtermStudyGuide - MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE PART 1 Platt...

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