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Andy Elkins December 1, 2009 The National Museum of American History is a collection of items that encompasses our distinctive history in all aspects of life. The online exhibit entitled “Treasures of American History” helps paint a portrait of American life by displaying and explaining items that are of political, historical, scientific, and cultural importance. Some of the items on display include Abraham Lincoln’s hat that he wore the night he was assassinated, a slave tag from 1833 that was worn by a slave in Charleston, South Carolina, a microscopic sample of plutonium, and a pair of Dorothy’s Ruby slippers that were worn in “The Wizard of Oz.” The array of items that this museum has is broad and quite overwhelming. However, each item is of the upmost importance in maintaining a national identity. The Jar made by “Dave” in 1862 was one of the items that I found was the most compelling and surprising items that the museum had in its possession. The jar contains a poem that reads “I made this Jar all of cross / If you don’t repent, you will be lost.” David Drake made and inscribed this jar in a time where literacy was outlawed in the state of South Carolina. I find it is amazing that this former slave rebelliously proclaimed
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HIST112OnlineExhibitReview - Andy Elkins December 1, 2009...

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