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HIST OF AMERICAN MEDICINE FINAL STUDY GUIDE Main Characters of Arrowsmith Window into the changes of American medicine and society Martin: college junior in 1904 Gottlieb: represents the introduction of science into medicine Basic plot: satire of college life and medical training, commercialization of medicine, prestige of medicine, gender and medicine. How did Aristotles ideas get applied to medicine? Why were they rejected in the late 19 th century? What happened to medicine after the civil war? Hippocratic Oath in ancient Greece and the one used today Process of how standards were set in the medical field National Institute of Health o Conducts biomedical research o Serves to administer research grants at home and abroad Presidential Policies on Health Care o Wilson (1913-1921) o Utilized progressive, academic, and sothern values and thought that the country would be improved through government regulation, higher education, racial segregation, religion and temperance “Wilsonian” : a positive and idealistic vision for the extension of justice and democratic values throughout the nation and world. o Medicine in the New Deal o 1932: FDR campaigns on fixing the economy through government intervention. Universal health care is part of his platform o Physicians strongly resist socialized medicine and the public is torn over who will pay for and the declining health of Americans. The AMA flip flops. o Introduces social security as a means of socialized medicine in 1935 o LBJ o Great Society 1965 o Medicare: Us gov provides health insurance to Americans 65 and over through a single payer healthcare system, the government raises the money to pay for it by raising taxes. o Medicaid: Us gov and state gov provide medical welfare to impoverished americans. Insurance and direct payments to managed care providers. Mostly covers children but many elderly receive both medicare and Medicaid.
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o Nixon cuts funding for medical research, keeps medicare and Medicaid o Roe v Wade: 1973 Norma McCorvey become pregnant as a result of rape and sues Texas to allow her to get an abortion. Supreme court outlaws prohibiting abortion. o Ford was not discussed o Cater: Medicare and Medicaid continue o Reagan : For medicare and Medicaid, research funding increases in part to combat the cold war government actually grows o Biomedical research grows in an indirect way as much of the defense research money ends up in the medical domain o Bush: continuation of Reagans policy o Clinton: tries universal health care but fails because it was thought that research would suffer. o Hilary’s involvement: o AMA disagrees with it because they don’t like being told what to do o Insurance companies don’t like it and oppose changes o Fears that research will suffer o Briefly talked about Obamas plans for universal health care o Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010): gov run single payer system that competes with private insurance that was introduced as proportion of Americans covered by private insurance began to fall, and as
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