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Midterm 1-essays - Essay Midterm 1 Scientific...

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Essay- Midterm 1 Scientific Revolution-1543-1632 -Copernicus published Revolution of the Heavenly Orb that same year. -Geocentric Theory-(Aristotle)- theory that everything revolves around the earth -News centric Theory- Copernicus, sun. -scientists-Brahe- observatory, Kaplar- laws of planetary motion, Galelaio- telescope stary night, Newton- gravity. Renee Decartes- “I think therefore I am” Bacon: Empirical Method Hobbes: Leviathan needed a strong leader. Starts trying to come up with an accurate calendar. Harvey: Circulation of Blood Marrian: female entomologist studies bugs Cavendish: female feminist early Locke: rights of citizens Versalius: anatomy. Enlightenment (1715-85)-Intellectual movement questioning leaders, gov and religion. -began in England but considered France -Philosophes (DEF) Voltaire- most important writers/thinkers/ critiques, met in saloons to discuss works. Embodied spirit of rationalism. -Pantide- 2 wars- Austrians succession despots. 7 year war between britian and france. -catherine the Great and Joseph 2 -Dermott- encyclopedia -Theme- cause and effect/ causality -Mozart- wrote compositions that enlightened -Hayden- “ “ -Montesquieu- spirit of the laws -Rousseau- Social Contract
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Midterm 1-essays - Essay Midterm 1 Scientific...

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