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Argument Reconstruction 10 - ultimate cause or reason....

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Argument Reconstruction #10 7 April 2006 Premise 1: Either the series of causes goes infinitely far back or there is a first cause. Premise 2: If the series of causes goes infinitely far back, then this whole succession is not caused or determined by anything. Premise 3: Whatever exists must have a cause or reason to exist but cannot be the cause or reason of its own existence. Lemma 1: So the whole succession cannot go infinitely far back because there would be no
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Unformatted text preview: ultimate cause or reason. Lemma 2: So there must be a first cause. Premise 4: If this first cause did not have to exist, then there would be no reason why it existed rather than something else. Premise 5: For anything that exists, there is a reason why it exists rather than something else. Lemma 3: So there must be a first cause that exists who carries the reason of existence in himself. Conclusion: There is a Deity....
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