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Final Reconstruction

Final Reconstruction - Premise 5 Man can not escape the...

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Final Paper-Argument Reconstruction 29 April 2006 Premise 1: Pity is a virtue that is the most useful and universal to man in that it precedes him in any kind of reflection. Premise 2: If a Man, in an event of suffering for not being to help another Man suffering, feels this torment, it is because he can feel nothing else. Premise 3: Since it carries us without reflection to the aid of those who are suffering, the only thing a man can do while seeing another man suffer is to suffer himself, thus feeling pity. Premise 4: Savage man can not deliberate so he thoughtlessly gives in to the first sentiment of humanity, pity.
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Unformatted text preview: Premise 5: Man can not escape the feeling of pity because it takes the place of laws, mores and virtue. Premise 6: Since it takes the place of laws, mores and virtue, it prevents acts which are evil in nature. Premise 7: Man did not survive by reasoning about evil but by feeling the natural sentiment of pity. Premise 8: The human race would have ceased to exist if its preservation depended on reasoning. Conclusion: It is therefore quite certain that pity is a natural sentiment, which, by moderating in each individual the activity of the love of one self, contributes to the preservation of the entire species....
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