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Philosophy Quiz Questions - Philosophy Quiz Questions Quiz...

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Philosophy Quiz Questions Quiz #1 1. Ivan worked as a lawyer. 2. Ivan had two living children (one of them died). 3. Ivan’s wife: Praskovya Fyodorovna 4. Chapter 1 is about the announcement of Ivan’s death and the wake that follows. Why? Tolstoy wants to warn the reader against that most people would respond “Glad it wasn’t me”. 5. Gerasim is the little boy who is Ivan’s servant. 6. We never found out how he died. 7. For Ivan, it is important that everything is done “comme il faut”- “as one must”. There are certain ways to do things in life. 8. An argument is valid when there is no way that the conclusion can be false when all the premises are true. 9. A conclusion is the point someone is trying to prove. 10. The premises of the argument are the reasons in trying to prove the conclusion. Quiz #2 4. In the Apology, Socrates is on trial for corrupting the youth. 5. The accusers of Socrates are Meletus and Anytus 6. Socrates said he deserves free lunch at the Prytaneun as a penalty. 7. The oracle said that there was no one more wiser than Socrates, 8. They give Socrates the death sentence. 9. In the Crito, Crito attempts to persuade Socrates to escape from prison. 10. The main reason he refuse to escape from prison is (none of the above). It would be wrong because it would be mistreating the laws that treated him so well. Quiz #3 2. Repeat 3. Repeat 4. Repeat 5. In Meno, Meno asks “Can virtue (being a good person be) taught?” 6. In the Meno, how does he try to define virtue? He can not. Refer to spark notes- sections 70- 80. There are three ways he attempts to define virtue. 7. After each of the three definitions fail, Meno asks how to define virtue if you can not recognize it? 8. Socrates claims that the soul existed before birth, learning is recollection, and you can recollect things that you knew before. 9.
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Philosophy Quiz Questions - Philosophy Quiz Questions Quiz...

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