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4 December 2007 Billy Madison Billy Madison has gone through his life as a complete screw up in all aspects-his schooling, his friends, and his unemployment just reiterate this fact. We soon find out that his father paid his teachers and schools in order for him to pass each grade, even starting when he was in elementary school. His father and friends are in the upper lower class because he owns a major hotel in the city. However, Billy does not resemble any aspect of his father or someone who is capable of even having a job. This is another example of a student who has no motivation, is the class clown and the teachers really do not care for him, besides the fact that they are getting money to pass him. This is unacceptable in education today; every student must be able to complete and know necessary skills and facts to be an asset in society. Even though Billy is a screw-up, when goes back to school he really helps some of the students by creating friendships and acting a certain way to make them feel better.
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Unformatted text preview: When the kids pees his pants Billy splashes water on himself to look like he did, a new side of Billy comes out with is vital to any younger student. The student feels like he is not alienated and is welcome within his own class of other younger students. This is so important because if a student feels unwelcome, a feeling of isolation will come over him and will affect his performance in school. Veronica Vaughn, the teacher, also encourages all the students to do their best and gives them all an equal opportunity to learn in the classroom. When there is a disruption by Billy Madison, she treats him like any other student and sets an example for the rest of the class. She is a teacher that can be seen as qualified to deal with younger kids and to help them learn the necessary skill and knowledge. The movie shows how there are multiple people who are involved in younger kids’ lives and how they are vital to their success....
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