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Education 441 Notes 1

Education 441 Notes 1 - Education 441 Education in American...

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Education 441- Education in American Society Book: Education in American Society: pages religion4,10,12,15,40,43,54,55,57,73, 100,105-113 , 178185, 228, 259, 282, 294, 298, 300, 309, 313, 315, 316,330 and all the rest. Have a “how Was it?- more specified evalutations (let us know what he need to read for the class) What we have not talked about: 17,27,81,84,127,132,135,176,182,189,212,217,220,250,272,400,432 For movie- one page analysis- how it relates for class, for book-1 page summary, PID , Education is Power! America’s Biggest Educational Problem involves kids from conception to six years old. Education is the process that takes place from conception to death. This includes all experiences in and out of school. The most important education os from birth-6. Education starts at conception because so many things happen in the womb- diet, environment. There is not a lot of training to tell parents how to handle pregnancy. By age 6, 90% of cognitive ability has been acquired.
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