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Education 441 Notes 7

Education 441 Notes 7 - School within the School Oakland...

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School within the School Oakland, California- 1971- there are a number of schools within one building. There is a school for balcks, Hispanics, the geeks, etc and everyone is separated except for lunch. Teachers of the subjects in different schools meet with others and stuff. Sports are separate for each of the schools. They were different with what was taught in Language Arts and Social Studies. Why?- want schools like in the old days, kids learn what they want, smaller classes. In Michigan, where Unks taught, there were 4000 kids into 4 smaller schools of 1000 because school was in the middle of the county because it was bought way before. History of School - US is the first nation ever to commit to public schools. - The government is going to be put into the hands of the people so they have to be educated. - Educated people were more productive. - Started wth white landowners and spread to everyone else. - 1830- public really caight on in Mass. Bc of Horace Mann. - Very slow spread because it was very controversial- Why should I pay for someone else’s schooling- important, - Factories are just like schools- start with a dumb kid (cloth) to produce an educated one (shirt) - Factory started with Eli Whitney - 1. specialization- a worker does the same thing over and over in a certain area. - 2. assembly line- Ford got this idea from the meat yards. Had the best wage so people would do the boring work. - 3. Interchangeable parts- all parts can be switched around and still work.
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