Education 441 Notes 9

Education 441 Notes 9 - • ACT is required in the middle...

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Unks Intelligence test-intelligence Achievement test- how much subject matter do you know Diagnostic Test- looks like above but resukts are used to determine what should be taught Aptitude test- predict how well you wil do in a future type setting (SAT predicts how well you will do your first year if college) SAT- Scholastic Aptitude Test-people think it is an achievement test, it doesn’t measure how bright you are, it’s a measure how well you will do in college. States get into competition with each other based on these scores NC requires a PSAT which has helped improve results A state does well in the SAT when they take ACT too States with higher average income do better The more ppl who take the SAT, the lower the average becomes- the regression to the mean says it will go down until it gets to true middle SAT is not college or govt owned- privately owned by College board. East and West coast require SAT for college
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Unformatted text preview: • ACT is required in the middle states • If living in mid-countey, they may take SAT for e/w coast schools • If living on coasts, take ACT for middle colleges • Looked at NC- Schlechty and Vance, early 1980s • who goes into teaching and who stays? Who chooses to teach? • The women’s movement- opening up of occupations –started studying things and average lowered • Majority comes from 5. • Race- lost all good, smart blacks to other fields, avg lowered • Smart ppl do not make better teachers all the time but dumb teachers make worse teachers • Who stays and who goes? Teaching Fellows • Loan given to seniors in HS and it is payed back by teaching or just money • ‘the best and the brightest” • Came bc of Schlechty and Vance • Don’t stay any longer than normal teachers • Based on assumption that ppl decided to bteach in senior year is better than college...
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Education 441 Notes 9 - • ACT is required in the middle...

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