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Education 441 Notes 10 - Movie Whats New at School Open...

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Movie: What’s New at School Open classroom- informal, casual, Traditional classrooms- dull, there is a certain way to do things, its what the teacher wants, how to please teacher and conform to system, routine ruins classroom, their job is to weed out problem kids, indifference, apathy and boredom are common, desire to impress teacher so kids compete, hand down from generation to generation,teacher dominated- 80% talking, they wanr out of this they don’t want more education This open classroom is an alternative system Learning can be fun Teacher works at eye level More sharing, less competition “organized chaos” Nothing wrong with saying I don’t know Student choose what interests them Teachers can learn from students Read more books The teacher playas major role because the teacher steers students but does not dominate them Spend $ on resources If a child had to go into a formal classroom, he will be more reliant Taught and judged by equals Competition with yourself Education is for yourself, not for anyone else No tests or grades, teacher judges Students can have one on one with teacher, confidentiality Self-reliance at the same time working in a group, more freedom Teacher puts in some extra hours to show them what they like Students learn to trust and rely on teachers and like to go to school The things is is that open classrooms are a fad and could be pushed away too quickly. Unks- there is no cutoff age (p178-most important thing all semester The further you go in education, the more difficult it is to change Experimental bc it started with 6 th grade bc they “grew to love their chains” but it worked There are only a few around because it was a fad and got pushed away- leads to leaning centers Every teacher can not teach this way Some are control freaks Testing invites everyone doing the same thing over and over There is one drawback- students have anxiety towards test because it is not that they are not prepares, they are not use to them. Parents perception of school played a part in the downfall- they want new things for them but don’t want to change the tradition of school People think kids should suffer.
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The objective to this because kids are having fun and tradition. There is a difference between what teachers do and what doctors, lawyers and entists do. What they do in their respective schools, is what they do out in the field. For teachers it is different. 1) People tell teachers that what they learned was nonsense 2) the administrators do not like what they are taught 3) the teachers are seen everyday, unlike seeing lawyers, and doctors is less often. Students have learned how a teacher teaches and what exactly they do. If a teacher does
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Education 441 Notes 10 - Movie Whats New at School Open...

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