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Fiction about equal starting points We all start with an equal chance but because of differing abilities and effort on our part, we end up with a social hierarchy. This is nonsense but it is pushed in the schools. In the US, anyone can be successful if you try- if you don’t, it is because you did not try. Schools are actually ver good at maintaining statue qu (live and die in same social class) Proof 1- higher the class, better the grades . Teacher Bias and prejudice- common and attractive (good grades ) vs. uncommon and non-attractive (bad grades) Proof 2- Scores on IQ test- higher scores for higher class Proof 3- Homogeneous Grouping with discretionary placement. Honors (upper), regular (middle) and slow (lower) classes. Proof 4- Guidance counselors- upper class are directed into higher positions and vice versa. Proof 5- Neighborhood Schools- the better the neighborhood, the better the schools, Proof 6- Educational Achievement- how well you do Proof 7-
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