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Education 441 Notes 12 - Continuum- prejudice to final...

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Continuum - prejudice to final solution. De juri- segregation by law, can go to jail and pay a fine. Common in southern US from 1876-1974 Ex. Colored and White- everything is separate. In 1896, Supreme Court put its seal of approval on it. Plessy vs. Ferguson- separate but equal. It was never really equal. The segregation Laws were called Jim Crow laws. In order to get rdo of these, ned to go through court, not through legislator. The chief financer was the NAACP- Charles Houston, Professor of Law and Howard University. Startd to attack notion of equal. PPEs were different as well as schools. And then said it was a denial of an individual rights to set one out. They won the cases. So using the idea of precedence, went to medical schools, then graduate schools and then came WWII. Blacks did not serve with whites. All blacks were together communication ideas, W E B Dubois and got a lot more concerned about things and asked questions that had not been asked before. Thurgood Marshall was after Houston. Separte but equal schools – Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas, May 17, 1954. Separation is repugnant to constitution. It does not matter about the quality, but the separateness is a violation of law. A year later, dealt with the question of When? “All deliberate speed” how long is thus? MD and WV were the less troubled states. Should have begun in 1 st grade, then 2 nd and then third and so on. Most states said no. After Brown, nothing really happended. 1957- Little Rock Arkansas, never sit next to a “nigra”. 9-11 kids were collected to be the desegregation at Little Rock High and it all broke out. Black never started this violence. Eisenhower sent in federal troops to alleviate the situation. He was operating on the idea of restoring order in the state. Everything was in judicial branch until now. Kennedy did the same thing but also federalized the states national guide. Kennedy was then assassinated. Lynodn Johnson came into power and 2 years later he got the 1965 Education Act (ESEA- Elementary Secondary Education Act) , 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Act. Now all three levels of government are involved which will make it much quicker to desegregate. No Child Left
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Education 441 Notes 12 - Continuum- prejudice to final...

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