Education 441 Notes 13

Education 441 Notes 13 - So, How do we change schools? The...

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So, How do we change schools? The school does not have a system of hierarchy. The things needed to change a hierarchy do not work for schools. An order can be given at the top and the teacher has the option of just doing what they have been doing all the time. A School system, is like pushing a chain, a loosle couple organization. For schools, there is no profit- at the end of the change, there will be some evidence. Outside consultants do not help either. Unks suggests that we have clients ( students, parents,and the community that consisted of formal (BOE), informal and vocal) and practitioners (teachers, administrators, School of Edu, college of admission requirements, and the disciplinaries) All of these people have a stake in the schools but to change we have to 1. appeal to the self-interests of everyone and 2. the more peple involved, the more likely change will occur. Now we have enemies. 1. Tradition (major) (especially with young) 2. Self-interest ex. Not wanting to change tests because already have the tests. 3. Pseudopsychology-these are ideas that do not help education A. The mind is the muscle- if it worked more, it will grow. B. Mind is a jug and school is to fill a jug. This justifies a lot of curriculum. If I know it now, I will know it later. C. The puritan work ethic- it is good to suffer. 4. Rigid- just human to do the same thing. IF we do not use it, you forget. 5. Vested interest (1-military, 2-education) Where does all the money go? Ex. NCLB-test companies make money first. Ex. Kids ;like carpet,, get
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Education 441 Notes 13 - So, How do we change schools? The...

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