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Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting - intelligence and smarts towards the...

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4 December 2007 Good Will Hunting Will Hunting is a typical lower upper class kid from New York City that somehow slips through the cracks of the American Educational System. However, as child, he was physically, emotionally and verbally abused leading the many other problems later in his life. We can infer from the movie that throughout his life he had no support from family or teachers. Without having any support from his family, he starts to feel unwanted and questions his purpose in life. With the support of his teachers a feeling of failure enters him and sticks with him for the rest of his life. I feel that when he was in school, teachers had low expectations and often would not tend to him in a way to get through to him because he was a problem child and was not interested in school. This is unfortunate because we see here that even thought a student is extremely smart, his motivation is not there which makes it seem like he is worthless and can not perform well in school. Here, teachers need to make the extra effort to try to help will so he can focus his
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Unformatted text preview: intelligence and smarts towards the right things in life. From the Rosenthal effect, we see that low expectations only decrease the students desire to learn and willingness to do well in school. The main problem with his is the fact that his foster families could care less about what Will did leading to a buildup of emotions, isolation and picking fights just for fun. After meeting the therapist, he finally sees that he is still important and relating to the therapist makes him feel that he has self-worth. By taking extra time and devoting more attention to Will, he is able to use his gift in a positive way which should have been doing his whole life. Another point to make is his gift and abilities have been overlooked by countless authority figures because of their mindset and stereotypes about students like Will- the lower class kids who supposedly do not care and so not want to learn....
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