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4 December 2007 Matilda Matilda, a bright and intelligent young girl, is being raised by her family that cares only about the used car sale business and their son. Matilda wants to learn, wants to go to school and wants to do something with here life but is being held back by here stubborn and stupid parents. She enters school way beyond the knowledge she should have at her age and she has not even attended kindergarten class. One main thing that makes her so smart is her enjoyment for reading. She reads all the time and this is where most of her knowledge comes from. Reading is vitally important for every child to do so they can learn about anything and everything they want, while enjoying themselves. Twenty minutes a day is all you need She enters into Ms. Honey’s class. She sees Matilda’s potential and wants to do everything in her power to help her excel and skip grades so she can actually be challenged. Ms. Honey represents the teacher who cares greatly for her students and does more than what is generally expected of a teacher which needs
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Unformatted text preview: to be seen throughout the nation. The principal is absolutely crazy. She symbolizes the problems within schools that develop from the higher authorities. She runs the school very tightly but only cares about discipline and nothing else. Learning is the last thing on her list, if it is even there. She also makes the school look extremely bare with no life to them. By having the students be completely petrified of her, no relationship can come between her and a student. This is one of those instances when she knows how smart Matilda is but does not want to change anything about her school, her self or her policies. It is unfortunate the highest figure of a school does not want to help her students excel in the class room. Rather than doing this, Matilda can only fend for herself with the help of Ms. Honey. Matilda’s willingness to learn and Ms. Honey’s eagerness to help should be an example seen in all schools today....
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