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Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver - teaching styles to get his students...

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4 December 2007 Stand and Deliver This movie is one where I can relate it to education and our class the most because I have taken AP Calculus, I realize how hard it is, and I know how important the preceding math courses were in doing well in the course. In the movie, the majority of the students at the school are Hispanic. Even thought there is a larger number of Hispanics at the school, it is racially balanced because in the surrounding area, mostly Hispanics live there. The school itself is poor and the PPE is surely quite low. Based on this alone and their socioeconomic status, most of the students will not do well in school and this is the same for Mr. Escalante’s class. With in a couple of years he transforms the math program and his class into a high scoring machine on the AP exams. In the movie, one particular class is shown as they improve from knowing virtually not math to passing the AP exam which is a huge accomplishment for all of them because most of the students are only working after high school. He transforms the class by imploring various
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Unformatted text preview: teaching styles to get his students interested in the material. By doing this, he is able to feed on all the different students’ reactions and ways of learning. Secondly, which I have said is so important, is that he has high and positive expectations for his class. This is the sole reason they do so well was because they actually had someone in their lives to believe in them and help them through the course. Mr. Escalante was also there to help the students with their personal lives. A lot of them are in broken families and are struggling to live. He is able to relate to the students from his childhood and help them through their tough times. He took extra time and put forth all his effort the help the students pass. By having a stern, motivating, caring, trustworthy and smart teacher, the students were all able to learn a large amount of material, get through the year and pass the exam....
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