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Globalization: Ian Condry’s Japanese Hip-Hop and the Globalization of Popular Culture: “Global” popular culture is still subject to important processes of localization . But surface appearances of sameness disguise differences at some deeper level. He used the Japanese term “gehba” meaning the “actual site” to emphasize that the processing of such global forms happens through the local language and in places where local hip-hop culture is produced. While a club may strive to be a fantastic microcosm, it is still embedded in Japan’s political economic structures, characteristic social relations, and the contemporary range of cultural forms. Wide range of topics is addressed in hip-hop but they all speak in some way to a local audience. Popular culture is becoming increasingly global in scope, while at the same time becoming domesticated to fit with local ideas and desires. Homogenization of what is available but not of how it is interpreted. Globalism
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