Anth exam 3 (Hala)

Anth exam 3 (Hala) - Sports: An ancient practice. Model...

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Sports : An ancient practice . Model of/for a society: they socialize people into particular values and ideals-through which young people internalize values/ideals. For instance: sports have fields with boundaries (demonstrate bounding of territory), use of goal line. This is a widespread practice and anthropologists try to be attentive to how sports is a method of globalization, try to get the emic perspective. Stick ball is an ancient sport, believed that modern lacroose emerged from the game. Stick ball addressed in Jason Jackson’s article. Sports are the largest sector of the world’s economy . Olympics is the largest gathering in the world. Baseball interview: notice that baseball is a team sport but has a very high degree of attention placed on individual. In professional baseball, players have a lot of pressure to be noticed as individual’s not just members of a team. This compares with Japanese baseball: notice Waa that encourages team harmony. Lesson of how same sport can be played and shape experiences in different ways. Baseball: Phenomena of baseball players repeatedly using certain charms in magical ways. Wearing special shirts, hats, necklace, eating certain food and engaging in other spiritual acts: high association of use of magic in the context of uncertainty. Fisherman use magic when fishing in open seas, where catching fish is more uncertain. They do not use magic in lagoons where there exists a concentration of fish. In baseball, pitching and hitting involve uncertainty, less magic used when fielding. Sports and colonialism: One missionary introduced cricket into tribes to instill morality. In early practice the game, the followed a British pattern but as time passed it became increasingly localized. It merged into an indigenous competition of big men. Big men leaders urged followers to increase production in anticipation of cricket match which was followed by a feast. Magic was involved in cricket with Trobriands. Trobriands stopped wearing crisp white uniforms (asked by colonizers) and began wearing paint and singing when entering other villages. Song revolved around praising their team, denigrates others.
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Anth exam 3 (Hala) - Sports: An ancient practice. Model...

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