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Self and Personhood Humans are alike and different by the virtue of our species but we acquire cultural ideals at particular signs, never really reinventing completely new practices. Individualism- regards us as separate. When this is realized we have an individual sense of self, high degrees of self awareness and self actualization that leads to productive societies. Child Rearing 1. Independent training- promotes children self sufficiency by sleeping in own room, completing tasks by themselves and so forth. Most societies do not do this, They expect them to make their own money and the future is in their own hands 2. Dependent training- this is group structure through organizations such as kinship, religion and it teaches that a the role of members in a group is to promote the well being of the group and rely on the elders of the group. The independent welfare can not be separated from the group. This refers to agency- refers to the individuals ability to reflect systematically or on the taken-for-granted cultural practices to
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