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Anthropology 102 Final Exam Study Guide 4

Anthropology 102 Final Exam Study Guide 4 - Personhood The...

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Personhood The state of or quality of being a person but there are many layers to this category Example. Blackfeet- A person is a very broad term for them. Rather, they see the animate world as a place to act against people and everything has a connection to the sun. Thus, everything can be a person. There are four levels- abore, earth, water, and Real persons. They inhabited other bodies as part of their collective experience which leads to the biography of the self. For Ibigawa?, time in the waking world is suspended as one sleeps and one can become a bird and migrate but after seven hours wake up and be a person. Animal/ human appearances of the self are common- knowledge of the animal is necessary to kill it. Here, there is a promotion of the belief of a strong connection between human and animals Example. For the Inuit, the souls of the caribou and the bears are important so if the soul received proper religious attention, after being killed it would reincarnate itself to be
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