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Anthropology 102 Final Exam Study Guide 5 -...

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Representations- Portraits of “The Whiteman” by Keith Basso Represents an attempt to get an emic perspective What is done publicly does not match what happens privately (off-stage) Basso gets the backstage- he shows what white men look like to other cultures. This book provides non-Indian Americans a picture of how white men appear to the Western Apaches. Portraits- joking imitations/ performances of whites to Apaches that are represented in dramatic performances where the Apaches represent both the the joker and themselves. The joker makes jokes about his fellow Apache in the context of the whiteman, he is not the whiteman, These performances were started by young children, this creating culture and it now is an art from to attempt to make sense of others. In this exogamous matrilineal clan society, 90% of performances are by adult men and the Whiteman and the apache usually have a kinship and close relationship. They view friendship like leather- it starts hard and stiff but gets soft and looser. When a joker picks and objects of the joke and joks wit his friend, it is important that the jokes do not go too far and hurt the relationship. There are risks with this genre and involve the social fabric of society. Individuals as well as the audience and societal relationships are included.
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Anthropology 102 Final Exam Study Guide 5 -...

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