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Globalization Refers to the processes that contribute to an increasingly interconnected world. There are three overlapping processes. 1. Technological Changes and Transformations o To what extent is modern technology an agent of cultural importance? o Airplane = less distance, changes in communication, mass media o Erase cultures, different ways of expression, intensify and tape activities o Images are text- can convey a particular meaning but can be interpreted differently (hegemonic reading-what the author wants to be meant vs. Anti-hegemonic) Ex. Rambo- third world against white class , Australians find tribal and kinship ties to the prisoners in Rambo o TV- the texts of US are not consumed by everyone. Brazil propagates own culture through television. 2. Movements of People o Rural to urban migration, transnational migration o People seem to move now more than ever- Nomadic to sedentary o Circular Migration- leave home to get money and then go back to country 3. Transformations of the Economic Structure. o
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