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Language and Communication

Language and Communication - as a composition BUT what are...

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Language and Communication Symbols and Euphemisms o How do these relate? P. 55 CP (pictures to use as examples) o Long history of symbols and what they mean o Definition: Roundabout way of concealing something embarrassing or unpleasant These relate to symbols because euphemisms are a lot of times described by symbols. Look at some examples and what kind of feelings, images or emotions are invoked within you as well as what people of particular time periods would think. o Symbols are language = communication which is a type of art. Music- lengths of notes, rests, volume, power, emotion Dance- certain movements are related to lines and shapes written together
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Unformatted text preview: as a composition BUT, what are the limitations to symbols??? • The thoughts, emotions, etc. of the creator are not known, • The final meaning is not known- if there actually is one. • Can not describe fully what needs to be said- words, a lot of times, are used to try to evoke certain emotions and thoughts along with the symbols. • I.E. The title of a composition evokes emotion ex. Shenandoah- a river meandering a long through valleys and forests. • So how does this have anything to do with anthropology? o It describes the culture and ways of life and language....
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